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Are you going through mental and emotional stress? If you are unhappy, having relationship problems, depressed, anxious, grieving and lonely or experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose in your life, then please call us for help at Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, PC. We provide life changing counseling, psychotherapy and couples therapy to heal your suffering and transform your mental and emotional health into great health.

Our life change therapists will help you discover more health, joy, fulfillment and relationship satisfaction in your life, thus becoming the best version of you!

Life Change Therapy is a powerful healing method that combines the deep wisdom of Jungian Psychology and Existential Psychology with the current scientific research on the healing qualities of psychotherapy. Life Change Therapy is a holistic approach to therapy which heals the whole person: mind, spirit, body and soul.

Life Change Therapy offers two stages of therapy in order to create wellness, not just the reduction of symptoms. Our therapy is an in-depth conversation that guides you into the heart and soul of what really matters. We provide skilled guidance in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment so that you are able to explore deep personal growth and healing.

Since 1995, Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, PC has been a center for excellence in the therapeutic art and science of becoming a healthy human being. Through research and advance training seminars, our licensed professional staff demonstrates an ongoing commitment to provide high quality and effective therapy for your soul.

Follow us on FacebookWe offer adult psychotherapy, couples therapy, dream therapy and group therapy. We accept most insurance plans. Call (505) 271-5050 to set up an appointment or email us. Together we will design an individualized therapy plan to create change in your life.

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