Are you going through mental and emotional stress? If you are unhappy, having relationship problems, depressed, anxious, grieving and lonely or experiencing a loss of meaning and purpose in your life, then please call us for help at Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, PC.

What is Life Change Therapy?

Life Change Therapy is a powerful healing method that combines the deep wisdom of Jungian Psychology and Existential Psychology with the current scientific research on the healing qualities of psychotherapy. Life Change Therapy is a holistic approach to therapy that heals the whole person: mind, spirit, body and soul.

Stages of Therapy

Life Change Therapy offers two stages of therapy in order to create wellness, not just the reduction of symptoms. Our therapy is an in-depth conversation that guides you into the heart and soul of what really matters. We provide skilled guidance in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment so that you are able to explore deep personal growth and healing.

Since 1995,

Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, PC has been a center for excellence in the therapeutic art and science of becoming a healthy human being. Through research and advanced training, our licensed professional staff demonstrates an ongoing commitment to provide high quality and effective therapy for your soul.

Meet our Therapists

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We offer adult psychotherapy, couples therapy, dream therapy and group therapy. We accept most insurance plans. Call (505) 271-5050 or email us to set up an appointment. Together we will design an individualized therapy plan to create change in your life.

Couples Therapy

The relationship between two people is a mysterious dynamic bond filled with twist, turns and at times impasses. As a result of life’s inevitable detours, couples enter therapy with different needs and varying challenges ahead of them. At Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, our approach is designed to help couples transform relationship suffering into relationship joy. You will receive an individualized plan designed to fit your specific needs.

We have conceptualized two stages of Life Change Therapy for working with couples. In stage,the focus is on communication, negotiation and conflict resolution. You will learn these skills, which will strengthen your relationship. In stage two, there is a concentrated focus on working through the deeper core issues between the couple. It is in this second stage where the soul’s voice can be heard and used for positive relationship transformation. Our approach considers the conscious and unconscious needs and desires of the individuals within the relationship. Equally important is the valuable dynamic between the couple which is where the soul of the relationship is located.

Life Change Therapy will help guide you and your partner into a deeper connection and a shared understanding about the soul’s calling in your relationship. In the words of Thomas Moore, “At one level marriage is about a relationship, but at another it is the creation of a vessel in which soul making can be present.” We invite you to journey safely into your imagination where your unique soul mate’s relationship is waiting to be discovered.

Group Therapy

Call (505) 271-5050 for a free initial consultation.

Art Therapy

Groups & Workshops

  • A variety of art therapy group experiences may be available to our clients throughout the year. Past groups have helped clients explore issues and cultivate depth and meaning through a variety of media and projects, including collage, personal map-making, altered books and box shrines.
  • Lenan Rust, LPCC, LPAT, ATR-BC, facilitates our art therapy groups. She has been leading art therapy groups for more than 20 years, helping people understand that how we sense and imagine is a valuable resource for facilitating change and relief from suffering.
  • Please call (505) 271-5050 for more information.
  • Here’s what some of our clients have said about their art therapy experiences:

    Healthy Connections

    Do you feel like you engage in self-sabotaging behaviors when involved in a relationship?

  • Join our Healthy Connections group, where we will address such issues as well as finding and keeping healthy relationships, reducing loneliness and learning ways to avoid self-fulfilling prophecies.
  • Tricia McKenna, Ph.D., facilitates this co ed group on Mondays from 6:15pm to 7:45pm. Dr. McKenna has 18 years of experience leading groups and an enthusiastic passion to help individuals thrive in relationships.
  • The fee is $35 per group session.

  • Our Vision

    Since 1995, Life Change Psychotherapy Institute, PC has been helping people become healthy, vital and active human beings. Our vision is that each person overcomes problems and achieves great health. Great health is more than just the absence of pain; it is also the presence of creativity, laughter and noble efforts to become your best.

    Thomas F. McKenna, PhD and Tricia McKenna, PhD (brother and sister), established Life Change Psychotherapy Institute with the mission to provide in-depth healing and transformation of your mental and emotional health into great health. We believe each individual has the inner capacity to change, grow and overcome difficult life situations. Our purpose is to help each person discover that inner capacity.

    Life is a journey from birth to death, with developmental stages, transitions and unexpected events. Each of us go through trials and tribulations, ups and downs, deaths and rebirths. We have our fair share (or not-so-fair share) of difficult times, sometimes called dark nights of the soul. These dark nights can profoundly change you for better or worse and evoke questions about the meaning, purpose and fate of your life. Our purpose is to provide wise guidance and support to your soul during these important, painful times.

    We help people embrace and transform difficult life transitions into self-defining moments. Many people come to see us when they are experiencing stress in their relationships or when they are at a major crossroad in their lives. If you are experiencing major changes, this may be the perfect time to invest in yourself and in your soul. With guidance, these hard times can become times of deep personal growth.

    Stages of Treatment

    Transorm Your Health

    We provides life-changing therapy to heal your mental and emotional pain and transform your health into great health. Life Change Therapy offers two stages of treatment. The first stage focuses on solving immediate problems. The second stage heals at a deeper level by exploring the unconscious aspects of each person’s life journey and story. We help each person overcome immediate problems and discover more joy, passion, meaning, intimacy and depth in their life and relationships.

    Inner Strength

    Often the real problems and solutions are hidden from us by our own self limitations. We will help you uncover these limitations and guide you in discovering an inner strength to make it through difficult times. We will support and guide you through change and growth, and use a combination of life skills to create a plan to become your best while overcoming your problems.

    Stage One

  • Coping and managing stress
  • Decreasing anxiety and relieving depression
  • Self-awareness and self-understanding
  • Letting go of unhealthy beliefs and behaviors
  • Finding meaning and purpose
  • Stage Two

  • Quieting the mind and opening into “Now”
  • Creating a healthy lifestyle that embraces a rich full life
  • Opening your heart to beauty, love, passion, intimacy and courage
  • Trusting the body’s unconscious wisdom
  • Transforming suffering into the return of joy
  • Becoming your noble best through acting instead of reacting
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    Additional Resources
    Exploring ideas through additional reading often helps extend and enrich the therapeutic value of counseling. Here are a few of our staff’s trusted book picks.